Installation/Relocating Terms and Conditions:

  • Installation
         does not include any site preparation.
  • Any
         ground leveling or site preparation needed to install the swing set will
         result in additional costs payable directly to the installer at the time
         of installation.
  • Pictures
         of your yard may be necessary to help ensure that the installer is not
         surprised by anything out of the ordinary. Pictures should be sent to sales@centexplayscaperefurbishers.com.
  • The
         homeowner must provide access to electricity within 150 feet of
         installation site or additional charges will apply.
  • Homeowner
         is responsible for obtaining any Homeowners Association approval that may
         be required.
  • Please
         be aware that all installation dates are tentative due to unforeseen
         circumstances that may arise, such as inclement weather.
  •  Moving the swing set after installation
         will result in additional charges.
  • Homeowner
         will keep children away from the work area until the installer gives the
         OK to start playing.
  • Homeowner
         will keep all dogs inside or leashed away from the work area until the
         installer leaves the property.
  • Homeowner
         will be responsible for any sprinkler system components that will
         interfere with the installation of the swing set. Installer will not be
         responsible for damage to sprinkler system components located within the
         designated work area.
  • The
         installer will condense all packaging materials and place them in or near
         your trash bins if the installation is for a new boxed play set
  • If
         any representative of Centex Playscape Refurbishers concludes that the installation location of any new or used Playscape (whether installing new
         or relocating to a new property) is unsafe then Centex Playscape
         Refurbishers will notify customer of the unsafe conditions at which time
         all costs that were originally agreed upon are due for the entire job originally
         contracted to perform. The customer
         will be required make the necessary improvements or pay the installer the
         agreed charges to make location safe for installation and call to schedule
         completion of the installation.

Please Understand That
The Above Requirements Of Our Services Are Only In Place For The Safety Of Your

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