Play Set Enclosures

Now that
you have decided to invest in a play set for your child make sure the area around it
 is safe by installing a enclosure. We build enclosures or "fall
protection areas" around your playscape. 
Let’s be honest, it’s not if, but rather when your child falls you don’t
want them to get more bumps and bruises than they probably already get on a
daily basis. There are many new products
on the market today that are great in helping make your child’s fall a little
softer landing. Building an enclosure
for your play set not only helps provide a softer landing when falls occur but
it will also designate your child’s play area to them so you don’t have an
array of toys all over the yard. It also
allows for landscaping around your defined play area that will keep your yard
beautiful swing set or not!

We now
offer plastic enclosure borders that can offer up to 30 years of use and are
designed to keep the enclosure material inside the area. All enclosures come standard with weed stop
underlayment and fall protection material of your choice.

Call or
email to schedule your appointment with us to discuss your enclosure!

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