Let us move your playscape

We move playscapes!


Bought a new or used playscape and worried about having to move it and then assemble it when you get
home? Then once you finally have it assembled you find yourself with a box of spare parts and
two weekends gone!


No Worries  


Just call us and we can give you a quote for dismantling, moving, and then reassembling your playscape at your new home.


Playscapes/Play Sets may appear to be simple and somewhat easy to put together but unfortunately, people usually find out the hard way that the project was way more than they expected. Don’t take a
chance of this being you!!


     Our experience over years of working with outdoor playsets has given us the hands-on knowledge and the ins and outs of most any brand you could think of. Don’t leave behind your child’s favorite play set only to invest for a second time on the same thing when a simple phone call can save you potentially thousands of dollars.


Let us make the move easier than you could have ever imagined!

              MOVES START AT $550 AND WILL BE                                            COMPLETED IN 1 DAY


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